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  • This is what Sadhguru says about pouring milk, ghee and honey on Shivalinga

    01/3‚ÄčThis is why milk and ghee are offered to Shivalinga Pouring milk, ghee and water over Shivalinga on Mondays is an age-old practice, but have you ever thought why Shiva Abhishekam is done with milk, ghee and honey? Well, the answer to this mystical question may be linked to both mythology as well as science. […]

  • Eating Fast to Save Time

    Brits only spend 41 minutes of their day, total, to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. To break that down, that means an average eating time of 8 minutes for breakfast, 13 minutes 45 seconds for lunch, and 19 minutes 27 seconds for breakfast.[1] Americans take just a bit more time, with an average of one […]

  • How can video games affect the brain?

    There are over 1.2 billion video-game players in the world. Video games can cause violence in behavior and addiction. Psychologists split over whether video games can make you violent based on different skills: motor skill, visual abilities and brain growth. Some studies imply that video games helps our brain growth and some studies imply that […]

  • Hello world!

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